CHP Designation Preferred Recruiter Rick Gold from First Call Associates

Rick Gold, First Call Associates

Rick Gold, First Call Associates I am an executive recruiter specializing in the financial services industry. Specifically, I cater to Investment Banks, Asset Management firms, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity. I have placed PM's, Traders, and Analysts across most asset classes. I have experience with discretionary and systematic strategies. My industry experience prior to my recruiting career, my dedication to building and maintaining relationships, and the level of honesty and integrity that I work with are what separates me from my competitors.

What Rick Says About the CHP Designation: By it’s nature, the CHP designation sends out 2 very strong messages: 1) That the candidate is committed to his/her discipline, and very serious about his/her work. 2) That the candidate understands the value of belonging to a network of like-minded people.

Powerful networking is half the battle in propelling one’s career forward. People who acquire the CHP designation are doing so partially to tap into this powerful network and are more willing to help people in the network. My job works primarily off of referrals, so I appreciate being a part of an organization of like-minded people.

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